Tuesday, 15 January 2013



1. to select for and appoint to a post, etc.
2. to give out or allot (a task, problem, etc.)
3. to set apart (a place, person, time, etc.) for a particular function or event
4. to attribute to a specified cause, origin, or source; ascribe
5. to transfer (one's right, interest, or title to property) to someone else
6. (also intr.) law . (formerly) to transfer (property) to trustees so that it may be used for the benefit of creditors
7. military . to allocate (men or materials) on a permanent basis
8. computing . to place (a value corresponding to a variable) in a memory location
9. law . a person to whom property is assigned; assignee

This much I chose
To assign to fate
That we should meet
In an unknown street
By a fantastic lantern
In the brightness
Of a cloudy day.

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