Sunday, 20 September 2009



1. yellowish brown, light brown, or reddish brown.
2. a coarse reddish-brown or brownish homespun cloth formerly used for clothing.
3. any of various apples that have a rough brownish skin and ripen in the autumn.
4. a brownish, roughened area on fruit, resulting from diseases, insects, or spraying.
5. Russet Burbank: a brown-skinned, oblong potato having a mealy flesh with high starch content.
6. finished leather that is not yet polished or coloured.
7. yellowish-brown, light-brown, or reddish-brown.
8. made of russet.

Warm russet colours
Set by sun on bricks and wood.
Earthly holy tones


Geraldine said...

One of my favorite words/colors!

Loved your take on this one too.

Have a great week, G

Dina said...

Earthly holy tones --