Thursday, 25 June 2009



–verb (used without object)

1. to deviate from the direct course, leave the proper place, or go beyond the proper limits, esp. without a fixed course or purpose; ramble.
2. to wander; roam.
3. to go astray; deviate, as from a moral, religious, or philosophical course.
4. to digress or become distracted.
5. a domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner.
6. any homeless or friendless person or animal.
7. a person or animal that strays.
8. strays, Radio. static
9. straying or having strayed, as a domestic animal.
10.found or occurring apart from others or as an isolated or casual instance; incidental or occasional.
11.Radio. undesired

Only you would:
Light the world
Look into the corners for any stray darkness
Look into a mirror for any stray darkness
Look into your heart for any stray darkness
Move the light to a better place

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Dina said...

Little I know, but it sounds like the teaching of Kabalah.