Tuesday, 2 May 2017



1. (poetic) .  another word for  east
2. (archaic) .  the  eastern  sky  or the  dawn
3. the iridescent lustre of a pearl
4. a pearl of high quality
5.(mainly poetic) .  eastern
6. (archaic) (of the  sun,  stars, etc. )  rising
7. to adjust or align  (oneself or something else) according  to surroundings or circumstances
8. (trans.)  to position, align, or set (a map, surveying instrument, etc) with reference to the points of the compass  or other specific  directions
9. (trans.)  to set or build (a church) in an easterly  direction

This world is not a day of day, 
And this orient sky might be of hell
Hard enough to drink stones

And as far as one could see.

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