Sunday, 28 September 2014



-verb (mainly trans.)
1. to fold or wind (paper, cloth, etc.) around (a person or thing) so as to cover
2. (often followed by “up “) to fold paper, etc., around to fasten securely
3. to surround or conceal by surrounding
4. to enclose, immerse, or absorb
5. to fold, wind, or roll up
6. (intr.) often followed by “about”, “around”, etc. . to be or become wound or extended
7. to complete the filming of (a motion picture or television programme)
8. Also called: rap (often followed by “up”) (Australian, informal) to praise (someone)
9. a garment worn wrapped around the body, especially the shoulders, such as a shawl or cloak
10. short for “wraparound” . a separately printed sheet folded around a section for binding
11. a type of sandwich consisting of a tortilla wrapped round a filling
12. (mainly US) wrapping or a wrapper
13. (British, slang) a small package of an illegal drug in powder form
14. Also called: rap (Australian, informal) a commendation
15. the end of a working day during the filming of a motion picture or television programme
16. the completion of filming of a motion picture or television programme

Marinated lamb
Goat cheese
Secret herbs
Sweet spices
Lentils in a wrap

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