Sunday, 7 September 2014



1. the lowest adult male voice usually having a range from E a 13th below middle C to D a tone above it
2. a singer with such a voice
3. (informal) short for bass guitar, double bass
4. the low-frequency component of an electrical audio signal, especially in a record player or tape recorder
5. the knob controlling this on such an instrument
6. relating to or denoting the bass
7. denoting the lowest and largest instrument in a family

1. any of various sea perches, especially Morone labrax, a popular game fish with one large spiny dorsal fin separate from a second smaller one
2. the European perch
3. any of various predatory North American freshwater percoid fish, such as Micropterus salmoides, (largemouth bass): family Centrarchidae (sunfish, etc)

1. also bast . fibrous material obtained from the phloem of jute, hemp, flax, lime, etc, used for making rope, matting, etc.
2. short for basswood (North American linden trees)
3. Also called: fish bass. a bast fibre bag for holding an angler's catch

Unusual treat
Raw sea bass and truffle
Green tea and smoked salt

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