Sunday, 14 September 2014



1. when intr., often followed by “on” . to bring (the foot) down heavily (on the ground, etc.)
2. (intr.) to walk with heavy or noisy footsteps
3. (intr.) followed by “on” . to repress, extinguish, or eradicate
4. (trans.) to impress or mark (a particular device or sign) on (something)
5. to mark (something) with an official impress, seal, or device
6. (trans.) to fix or impress permanently
7. (trans.) to affix a postage stamp to
8. (trans.) to distinguish or reveal
9. to pound or crush (ores, etc.)
10. the act or an instance of stamping
11. a mark applied to postage stamps for cancellation purposes
11. a similar piece of gummed paper used for commercial or trading purposes
12. a block, die, etc., used for imprinting a design or device
13. a design, device, or mark that has been stamped
14. a characteristic feature or trait; hallmark
15. a piece of gummed paper or other mark applied to official documents to indicate payment of a fee, validity, ownership, etc.
16. (British, informal) a national insurance contribution, formerly recorded by means of a stamp on an official card
type or class
17. an instrument or machine for crushing or pounding ores, etc., or the pestle in such a device

Found in an old drawer
Antique pasta stamp
Ghost of family cooking

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