Tuesday, 1 March 2011



1. Vermilion or a similar bright red colour.
2. Gilded silver, bronze, or copper.
Bright red in colour.

Vermeil ghosts.
That is all I could think of
scanning the kitchen for signs
of you.
of life.
of hope.
You were all over the place
and nowhere at all.
Years have passed
on the kitchen walls;
meanwhile vermeil has turned to rust.
They still have not found
your body.

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Reflections said...

Tight, chilling piece. Nicely done, with a bit of a tart ending.

Elaine said...

Like the twist at the end!

120 Socks said...

Dark and mysterious, two of the best qualities in an intriguing story!

thingy said...

Ooh, I love a mystery.

Lyn said...

Definitely eerie..my kind of tale..thanks!!

Ami Mattison said...

Ooo, nice! I love a good mystery! "You were all over and nowhere at all" is a really great description of absence. Great write!

Tess Kincaid said...

Deadly and delicious!

Tumblewords: said...

Strong piece, to be sure! I'm looking around to see what might be creeping up on me...

Kim Nelson said...

Like Alfred Hitchcock!
Mine is quite different:

Friko said...

hm, very tasty!

Helen said...

Vermiel is a color difficult to describe with mere words ... you have used it beautifully in this Magpie!

Fireblossom said...

Chilling. Don't look at me, I'm not searching!

Jinksy said...

Dismembered, perhaps?!

(Small point - methinks your meant 'years have passed' verb... not 'past years' object?

spacedlaw said...

Good point, Jinsky! Indeed. Thanks.

Bee's Blog said...

Chilling but of so beautifully worded.

Jingle Poetry said...


outstanding job..