Thursday, 17 March 2011



any of several trifoliate plants, as the wood sorrel, Oxalis acetosella,  or a small, pink-flowered clover, Trifolium repens minus,  but especially Trifolium procumbens,  a small, yellow-flowered clover: the national emblem of Ireland.

With the light just so
They look real
Kissed by life and glory
Glittering softly
Sugar confections
Fancy cake garnish
Of tropical disposition.
Shy Tanzanian violets
Ready for a party
Clad in green and shamrocks.

The background picture is copyright of Willow (Tess) of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Tess Kincaid said...

Delicious. This left me craving a cupcake!

Jingle said...

sweet words..
love the flow.

Martin H. said...

Definitely good enough to eat!

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Helen said...

I'm whispering this ... my favorite Magpie. (don't tell anyone)

~T~ said...

Sweet words! It should be a most elegant party.