Thursday, 28 October 2010



1. a narrow strip of flexible material, especially leather, as for fastening or holding things together.
2. a looped band by which an item may be held, pulled, lifted, etc., as a bootstrap or a ring that standing passengers may hold on to in a bus, subway, or the like.
3. a strop for a razor.
4. a long, narrow object or piece of something; strip; band.
5. an ornamental strip or band.
6. shoulder strap.
7. watchband.
8. Machinery . a shallow metal fitting surrounding and retaining other parts, as on the end of a rod.
9. Nautical, Machinery . also strop.
a. a rope or a band of metal surrounding and supporting a block, etc.
b. a metal band surrounding the pulley of a block to transmit the load on the pulley to its hook or shackle.
c. a rope sling, as for handling cargo.
d. a ring or grommet of rope.
–verb (used with object)
10. to fasten or secure with a strap or straps.
11. to fasten (a thing) around something in the manner of a strap.
12. to sharpen on a strap or strop.
13. to beat or flog with a strap.

Myriads of them
Holding the sea in place

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Dina said...

Now if only there were tsunami-strength straps.