Thursday, 16 November 2017



1. to go onwards or move by or past (a person, thing, etc.)
2. to run, extend, or lead through, over, or across (a place)
3. to go through or cause to go through (an obstacle or barrier)
4. to move or cause to move onwards or over
5. (trans.) to go beyond or exceed
6. to gain or cause to gain an adequate or required mark, grade, or rating in (an examination, course, etc.)
the examiner passed them all
7. ( often followed by “away” or “by”) to elapse or allow to elapse
8. pass the time of day with someone
9. (intr.) to take place or happen
10. to speak or exchange or be spoken or exchanged
11. to spread or cause to spread
12. to transfer or exchange or be transferred or exchanged
13. (intr.) to undergo change or transition
14. ( when trans., often followed by “down”) to transfer or be transferred by inheritance
15. to agree to or sanction or to be agreed to or receive the sanction of a legislative body, person of authority, etc.
16. (trans.) (of a legislative measure) to undergo (a procedural stage) and be agreed
17. ( when trans., often followed by “on” or “upon”) to pronounce or deliver (judgment, findings, etc.)
18. to go or allow to go without comment or censure
19. (intr.) to opt not to exercise a right, as by not answering a question or not making a bid or a play in card games
20. (physiology) . to discharge (urine, faeces, etc.) from the body
21. (intr.) to come to an end or disappear
22. (intr.; usually followed by “for” or “as”) to be likely to be mistaken for or accepted as (someone or something else)
23. (intr.; followed by “away”, “on”, or “over”) a euphemism for die
24. (trans.) (mainly US) . to fail to declare (a dividend)
25. (intr.; usually followed by “on” or “upon”) (mainly US) . (of a court, jury, etc.) to sit in judgment; adjudicate
26. (sport) . to hit, kick, or throw (the ball) to another player
27. the act of passing
28. a route through a range of mountains where the summit is lower or where there is a gap between peaks
29 (capital) as part of a name for a location
30. a way through any difficult region
31. a permit, licence, or authorization to do something without restriction
32. (administration)
a. a document allowing entry to and exit from a military installation
b. a document authorizing leave of absence
33. (British) the passing of a college or university examination to a satisfactory standard but not as high as honours
34. a dive, sweep, or bombing or landing run by an aircraft
35. a motion of the hand or of a wand as a prelude to or part of a conjuring trick
35. (informal) . an attempt, in words or action, to invite sexual intimacy
36. a state of affairs or condition, in particular a bad or difficult one
37. (sport) . the transfer of a ball from one player to another
38. (fencing) . a thrust or lunge with a sword
39. (bridge) . the act of passing (making no bid)
40. (bullfighting) .  a variant of “pase”
41. (archaic) . a witty sally or remark
42. (bridge) . a call indicating that a player has no bid to make

Clouds and snow
Over the pass

Conflicted zone

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