Saturday, 1 April 2017



1. to solicit (business, customers, etc) or hawk (merchandise), especially in a brazen way
2. (intr.) to spy on racehorses being trained in order to obtain information for betting purposes
3. (intr.) to sell, or attempt to sell, such information or to take bets, especially in public places
4. (trans.) (informal) to recommend flatteringly or excessively
5. a person who spies on racehorses so as to obtain betting information to sell
6. a person who sells information obtained by such spying
7. a person who solicits business in a brazen way
8. Also called : ticket tout . a person who sells tickets unofficially for a heavily booked sporting event, concert, etc., at greatly inflated prices
9. (Northern Ireland) . a police informer

She has the technique
Down pat to perfection
Not shy to tout cuddles

For a moment with the brush

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