Wednesday, 5 April 2017



1. the coloured muscular diaphragm that surrounds and controls the size of the pupil
2. any plant of the iridaceous genus Iris, having brightly coloured flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
3. (Also called : rainbow quartz) . a form of quartz that reflects light polychromatically from internal fractures
4.  a rare or poetic word for rainbow
5. something resembling a rainbow; iridescence
6.  short for iris diaphragm (an adjustable diaphragm that regulates the amount of light entering an optical instrument, in particular a camera. It usually consists of a number of thin metal leaves arranged so that they open out into an approximately circular aperture)

1. the goddess of the rainbow along which she travelled to earth as a messenger of the gods

In her sepal cradle
Iris surges, dressed in quartz
Bearing a message of resistance

Nevertheless, she persists

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