Friday, 23 January 2015



1. not siding with any party to a war or dispute
2. of, belonging to, or appropriate to a neutral party, country, etc.
3. of no distinctive quality, characteristics, or type; indifferent
4. (of a colour such as white or black) having no hue; achromatic
5. (of a colour) dull, but harmonizing with most other colours
6. (chemistry) neither acidic nor alkaline
7. (physics) having zero charge or potential
8. (rare) having no magnetism
9. (phonetics) (of a vowel) . articulated with the tongue relaxed in mid-central position and the lips midway between spread and rounded
10. a neutral person, nation, etc.
11. a citizen of a neutral state
12. the position of the controls of a gearbox that leaves the transmission disengaged

And fugitive
Hard to nail
For one who wants
To remain neutral
Yet absurd
In its lack
Of depth

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