Wednesday, 14 January 2015



1. unable to see; sightless
2. (usually followed by “to”) . unable or unwilling to understand or discern
3. not based on evidence or determined by reason  
4. acting or performed without control or preparation
5. done without being able to see, relying on instruments for information
6. hidden from sight  
7. closed at one end  
8. completely lacking awareness or consciousness
9. (informal) very drunk
10. having no openings or outlets  
11. without having been seen beforehand  
12. (of cultivated plants) having failed to produce flowers or fruits
13. without being able to see ahead or using only instruments  
14. without adequate knowledge or information; carelessly  
-verb (mainly trans.)
15. to deprive of sight permanently or temporarily
16. to deprive of good sense, reason, or judgment
17. to darken; conceal
18. (followed by “with”) . to overwhelm by showing detailed knowledge
19. (intr.) (British, slang) to drive very fast
20. (intr.) (British, slang) to curse
21. (as modifier) for or intended to help blind and partially sighted people
22. a shade for a window, usually on a roller
23. any obstruction or hindrance to sight, light, or air
24. a person, action, or thing that serves to deceive or conceal the truth
25. a person who acts on behalf of someone who does not wish his identity or actions to be known
26. Also called: blinder (British, old-fashioned, slang) a drunken orgy; binge
27. (poker) . a stake put up by a player before he examines his cards
28. (hunting, mainly US & Canadian) . a screen of brush or undergrowth, in which hunters hide to shoot their quarry 29. (military) . a round or demolition charge that fails to explode

It’s a downward struggle, there is
no end to the torment. Both blind
in our misery lashing at each other.

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