Wednesday, 12 November 2014



-verb (mainly trans.)
1. to catch or tightly compress, as between a finger and the thumb; pinch
2. (often followed by “off”) to remove by clipping, biting, etc.
3. when intr, often followed by “at” . to give a small sharp bite (to)
4. (especially of the cold) to affect with a stinging sensation
5. to harm through cold  
6. to check or destroy the growth of
7. (slang) to steal
8. (intr.; followed by “along”, “up”, “out”, etc.) (British, informal) to hurry; dart
9. (slang, mainly US & Canadian) to snatch
10. the act of nipping; a pinch, snip, etc.
11. a frosty or chilly quality
12. severe frost or cold
13. a small piece or quantity
14. a sharp flavour or tang
14. (archaic) a taunting remark

1. a small drink of spirits; dram
2. (mainly British) a measure of spirits usually equal to one sixth of a gill
3. to drink (spirits), especially habitually in small amounts

He nipped out
For a nip of brandy
Nipping breadsticks
To nip hunger

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