Tuesday, 18 November 2014



1. the conventional form by which the location of a building is described
2. the written form of this, as on a letter or parcel, preceded by the name of the person or organization for whom it is intended
3. the place at which someone lives
4. a speech or written communication, especially one of a formal nature
5. skilfulness or tact
6. (archaic) manner or style of speaking or conversation
7. (computing) a number giving the location of a piece of stored information
8. (British, government) a statement of the opinions or wishes of either or both Houses of Parliament that is sent to the sovereign
9. the alignment or position of a part, component, etc., that permits correct assembly or fitting
10. (usually plural) expressions of affection made by a man in courting a woman
11. to mark (a letter, parcel, etc.) with an address
12. to speak to, refer to in speaking, or deliver a speech to
13. (used reflexively; followed by “to”)
a. to speak or write to
b. to apply oneself to
14. to direct (a message, warning, etc.) to the attention of
15. to consign or entrust (a ship or a ship's cargo) to a factor, merchant, etc.
16. to adopt a position facing (the ball in golf, a partner in a dance, the target in archery, etc.)
17. to treat of; deal with
18. an archaic word for woo

The address is forbidding
Even the windows appear
Always ready to address
Passers-by and loiterers
In a vehement manner


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