Monday, 2 June 2014



1. a hinged door-like cover, often louvered and usually one of a pair, for closing off a window
2. (photography) an opaque shield in a camera that, when tripped, admits light to expose the film or plate for a predetermined period, usually a fraction of a second. It is either built into the lens system or lies in the focal plane of the lens
3. (photography) a rotating device in a film projector that permits an image to be projected onto the screen only when the film is momentarily stationary
4. (music) one of the louvered covers over the mouths of organ pipes, operated by the swell pedal
5. a person or thing that shuts
-verb (trans.)
6. to close with or as if with a shutter or shutters
7. to equip with a shutter or shutters

A side can never really be open
Shutters blocked by a frieze
Decorum before comfort

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