Tuesday, 3 June 2014



1. a light movable frame, panel, or partition serving to shelter, divide, hide, etc.
2. anything that serves to shelter, protect, or conceal
3. a frame containing a mesh that is placed over a window or opening to keep out insects
4. a decorated partition, especially in a church around the choir
5. a sieve
6. a system for selecting people, such as candidates for a job
7. the wide end of a cathode-ray tube, especially in a television set, on which a visible image is formed
8. a white or silvered surface, usually fabric, placed in front of a projector to receive the enlarged image of a film or of slides
9. (photography) a plate of ground glass in some types of camera on which the image of a subject is focused before being photographed
10. (printing) a glass marked with fine intersecting lines, used in a camera for making half-tone reproductions
11. men or ships deployed around and ahead of a larger military formation to warn of attack or protect from a specific threat
12. (sport, mainly US & Canadian) a tactical ploy in which a player blocks an opponent's view
13. (psychoanalysis) anything that prevents a person from realizing his true feelings about someone or something
-verb (trans.)
14. (sometimes followed by “off”) to shelter, protect, or conceal
15. to sieve or sort
16. to test or check (an individual or group) so as to determine suitability for a task, etc.
17. to examine for the presence of a disease, weapons, etc.
18. to provide with a screen or screens
19. to project (a film) onto a screen, especially for public viewing
20. (intr.) to be shown at a cinema or on the television
21. (printing) to photograph (a picture) through a screen to render it suitable for half-tone reproduction
22. (sport, mainly US & Canadian) to block the view of (an opposing player)


On spotting the camera
They suddenly behave
A delusional smoke screen
Obvious lust in their eyes

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