Tuesday, 10 June 2014



1. a tuft or growth of feathers, fur, or skin along the top of the heads of some birds, reptiles, and other animals
2. something resembling or suggesting this
3. the top, highest point, or highest stage of something
4. a ridge on the neck of a horse, dog, lion, etc.
5. the mane or hair growing from this ridge
6. an ornamental piece, such as a plume, on top of a helmet
7. (heraldry) a symbol of a family or office, usually representing a beast or bird, borne in addition to a coat of arms and used in medieval times to decorate the helmet
8. a ridge along the top of a roof, wall, etc.
9. a ridge along the surface of a bone
10. Also called: cresting (archery) identifying rings painted around an arrow shaft
11. (intr.) to come or rise to a high point
12. (trans.) to lie at the top of; cap
13. (trans.) to go to or reach the top of (a hill, wave, etc.)

Multiple crests
Fading into the horizon
Green waves

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