Tuesday, 15 April 2014



1. a rod or stick that has a notch in the top, used to draw out natural fibres for spinning into thread, and a long narrow body around which the thread is wound when spun
2. one of the thin rods or pins bearing bobbins upon which spun thread is wound in a spinning wheel or machine
3. any of various parts in the form of a rod, especially a rotating rod that acts as an axle, mandrel, or arbour
4. a piece of wood that has been turned, such as a baluster or table leg
5. a small square metal shaft that passes through the lock of a door and to which the door knobs or handles are fixed
6. a measure of length of yarn equal to 18 hanks (15 120 yards) for cotton or 14 400 yards for linen
7. (biology) a spindle-shaped structure formed by microtubules during mitosis or meiosis which draws the duplicated chromosomes apart as the cell divides
8. a less common name for a hydrometer
9. a tall pole with a marker at the top, fixed to an underwater obstruction as an aid to navigation
10. a device consisting of a sharp upright spike on a pedestal on which bills, order forms, etc., are impaled
11. (trans.) to form into a spindle or equip with spindles
12. (intr.) (rare) (of a plant, stem, shoot, etc.) to grow rapidly and become elongated and thin

Long stalks
Spindles for winds

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