Tuesday, 22 April 2014



1. the period of time marked off by or between two events, instants, etc.
2. the distance between two points, objects, etc.
3. a pause or interlude, as between periods of intense activity
4. (British) a short period between parts of a play, concert, film, etc.; intermission
5. (music) the difference of pitch between two notes, either sounded simultaneously (harmonic interval) or in succession as in a musical part (melodic interval). An interval is calculated by counting the (inclusive) number of notes of the diatonic scale between the two notes  
6. the ratio of the frequencies of two sounds
7. (mathematics) the set containing all real numbers or points between two given numbers or points, called the endpoints. A closed interval includes the endpoints, but an open interval does not

It is here
In the intervals
Between stone and glass
That light creeps in
Invades our plane

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