Saturday, 8 February 2014



1. a mechanical device or enclosed place or pit in which something, especially an animal, is caught or penned
2. any device or plan for tricking a person or thing into being caught unawares
3. anything resembling a trap or prison
4. a fitting for a pipe in the form of a U-shaped or S-shaped bend that contains standing water to prevent the passage of gases
5. any similar device
6. a device that hurls clay pigeons into the air to be fired at by trap shooters
7. any one of a line of boxlike stalls in which greyhounds are enclosed before the start of a race
8. a light two-wheeled carriage
9. a slang word for mouth
10. (golf) an obstacle or hazard, especially a bunker
11. (plural) (jazz, slang) percussion instruments
12. (usually plural) (Australian, obsolete, slang) a policeman
13. (trans.) to catch, take, or pen in or as if in a trap; entrap
14. (trans.) to ensnare by trickery; trick
15. (trans.) to provide (a pipe) with a trap
16. to set traps in (a place), especially for animals

1. an obsolete word for trappings, i.e. a ceremonial harness for a horse or other animal, including bridles, saddles, etc.
2. (trans.) often followed by “out” . to dress or adorn

1. any fine-grained often columnar dark igneous rock, especially basalt
2. any rock in which oil or gas has accumulated

She will flash her belly at you
Setting the trap for your hand
Ready to shred it with her hind claws

1 comment:

Dina said...

A trap, yes, I see.
Why do cats do that, actually? Is it just a reflex? Now you've got me wondering.