Thursday, 20 February 2014



1. a mass of water or ice particles visible in the sky, usually white or grey, from which rain or snow falls when the particles coagulate
2. any collection of particles visible in the air, especially of smoke or dust
3. a large number of insects or other small animals in flight
4. something that darkens, threatens, or carries gloom
5. (jewellery) a cloudlike blemish in a transparent stone
1. (when intr., often followed by “over” or “up”) to make or become cloudy, overcast, or indistinct
2. (trans.) to make obscure; darken
3. (trans.) to confuse or impair
4. to make or become gloomy or depressed
5. (trans.) to place under or render liable to suspicion or disgrace
6. to render (liquids) milky or dull or (of liquids) to become milky or dull
7. to become or render mottled or variegated

An abstract painting
Bark clouded by age
Unintentional art.


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