Saturday, 8 December 2012



1. to annoy (someone) by deliberately offering something with the intention of delaying or withdrawing the offer
2. to arouse sexual desire in (someone) with no intention of satisfying it
3. to vex (someone) maliciously or playfully, especially by ridicule
4. (trans.) to separate the fibres of; comb; card
5. (trans.) to raise the nap of (a fabric) with a teasel
6. (US), (Canadian) to comb the under layers of (the hair) towards the roots to give more bulk to a hairstyle
7. (trans.) to loosen or pull apart (biological tissues, etc.) by delicate agitation or prodding with an instrument
8. a person or thing that teases
9. the act of teasing

She teases you:
You can't stay here
The sign says so.
But she can't read
Can she?

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