Sunday, 23 December 2012



-verb (when trans. sometimes followed by “up”)
1. to cook or be cooked in fat, oil, etc., usually over direct heat
2. informal (intr.) to be excessively hot
3. slang chiefly (US) to kill or be killed by electrocution, especially in the electric chair
4. a dish of something fried, especially the offal of a specified animal
5. (US), (Canadian) a social occasion, often outdoors, at which the chief food is fried
6. informal (Brit) the act of preparing a mixed fried dish or the dish itself

-plural noun
1. the young of various species of fish
2. the young of certain other animals, such as frogs
3. Also small fry . young children

Alluring as it may seem
Fried food isn't as enticing
As the ambient typography

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