Thursday, 29 November 2012



1. performed or executed without delay
2. quick or ready to act or respond
3. informal  punctually
4. (trans.) to urge (someone to do something)
5. to remind (an actor, singer, etc.) of lines forgotten during a performance
6. (trans.) to refresh the memory of
7. (trans.) to give rise to by suggestion: his affairs will prompt discussion
8. commerce
a. the time limit allowed for payment of the debt incurred by purchasing goods or services on credit
b. the contract specifying this time limit
c. Also called: prompt note  a memorandum sent to a purchaser to remind him of the time limit and the sum due
9. the act of prompting
10.anything that serves to remind
11. an aid to the operator of a computer in the form of a question or statement that appears on the screen showing that the equipment is ready to proceed and indicating the options available

Of an old friend
Untouched or unrecalled
Prompting memories

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