Friday, 2 November 2012



1. a sawn strip of wood used in building to cover joints, provide a fixing for tiles or slates, support lathing, etc
2. a long narrow board used for flooring
3. a narrow flat length of wood or plastic inserted in pockets of a sail to give it proper shape
4. a lath used for holding a tarpaulin along the side of a raised hatch on a ship
5. theatre
a. a row of lights
b. the strip or bar supporting them
6. ( NZ ) Also called: dropper  an upright part of a fence made of wood or other material, designed to keep wires at equal distances apart
7. (trans) to furnish or strengthen with battens
8. batten down the hatches
a. to use battens in nailing a tarpaulin over a hatch on a ship to make it secure
b. to prepare for action, a crisis, etc.

(usually followed by “on”) to thrive, especially at the expense of someone else.

Get ready!
Batten down the hatch!
Zombies are ready to come out.

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