Wednesday, 5 May 2010



1 British : impaired by age or dampness
2 : saturated with dust and stale odours
3 : rigidly old-fashioned or reactionary

Spent time, dead times…
Where do all those deceased seconds go?
In which cemetery do they lay,
Limbs stiff, frozen, contorted
By short yet consumptive effort?
Traces, skeletons, fossils,
Locked in fusty transient smiles.

Time scavengers roam,
Empty hour glasses in hand
Sorting out bodies
By order of decay and corrosion
Frisking them for spare moments
Grain after silvery grain.

Their dream:
To build a parallel universe
On spare instants
And stolen fragments
Where all possibilities of this world
Might escape and lead a life
Free from constrains
Of time.

The gorgeous hour glass picture in the background is appearing courtesy of Brooks Elliott.

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Dina said...

A great way to think about this problem.