Friday, 30 April 2010



1. the air inhaled and exhaled in respiration.
2. respiration, especially as necessary to life.
3. life; vitality.
4. the ability to breathe easily and normally.
5. time to breathe; pause or respite.
6. a single inhalation or respiration.
7. the brief time required for a single respiration; a moment or instant.
8. a slight suggestion, hint, or whisper.
9. a light current of air.
a. the air drawn into or expelled from the lungs to provide the generative source for most speech sounds.
b. the audible expiration generating voiceless speech sounds, as (p), (k), (sh), etc.
11.moisture emitted in respiration, esp. when condensed and visible.
12.a trivial circumstance; trifle. odorous exhalation, or the air impregnated by it.
14.Obsolete. exhalation or vapour.

All shadows have disappeared,
Pinning us down to the tarmac
We hold our breaths close
For fear they might not return
If allowed to fly.
Seconds crawl about,
Our lungs start hurting
Then the sun moves on.

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martha said...

This is beautiful.

When are you coming home? I miss you.