Tuesday, 23 February 2010



v. intr.
a.To catch fire; burst into flame.
b.To undergo combustion; burn.
2.To become suddenly angry or agitated: .
v. tr.
1.To cause to burn; ignite.
2.To cause to become angry or violent

That night,
Life times away,
You whispered in my ear,
Urgent wild accented stories
In words I could not decipher.
But look, old world magic:
My heart combusted still
As we held hands,
Eyes fast.

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Peter Goulding said...

Symmetrically divine. Wondering if "life times" should be "lifetimes"?
Strange how eastern European hotels seem to conjure up romance!!

rel said...

The flame of lust lives forever, the match but for a moment.
I enjoyed this poem.

martha said...

Excellent use of the prompt. Yah, you gotta watch out for these Eastern European lotharios - they might be spies!

Always smiling said...

Loved this, very clever and heart rending.. I really felt the words
told so much in a succinct way.


Great piece, ah, the romance of old world magic, yes, perfect. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very good. I love your take on igniting. Nice to meet you! :)
The Bach

Brian Miller said...

nicely done. like the way you laid this out as well...

willow said...

I love that old world magic!

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful response to the prompt!

Catalyst said...

Ah yes, the French - so romantic. Great work Nathalie!

Jessie said...

i really like this


steviewren said...

Love the line "my heart combusted still."

Joan Tucker said...


JeffScape said...

Combust... lust?

Jennifer said...

I love the combustion/passion metaphor. And I love how you've been treating the prompt - with your poem right on the picture. It's like a really cool poetry postcard!

The Muse said...


happy to be reading your work...sometimes the obvious unions are the most powerful!

joanny said...

AHH - l'amore è dolce - l'amour est doux -- love is sweet!

chiccoreal said...

Amost makes me want to take my next vacation in Bratislava! Any joiners? You really started something Willow, now how many little firestarters are sparking about? Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match..in Bratislava!