Sunday, 2 November 2008



1. any large, overpowering, destructive force or object, as war, a giant battleship, or a powerful football team.
2. anything requiring blind devotion or cruel sacrifice.
3. Also called Jagannath. An idol of Krishna, at Puri in Orissa, India, annually drawn on an enormous cart under whose wheels devotees are said to have thrown themselves to be crushed.

The diminutive juggernaut
Hacked her way through bad dreams
Tinned salmon and mighty mice
Defeated all the way.


spacedlaw said...

Kitty required blind devotion and daily sacrifice of innocent crunchies to satisfy her whims.

Rachel Green said...


French Fancy... said...

Hello Nathalie, I come to you via the good old black box widget and find that I moved to your beautiful country and you moved to another beautiful country.

Come and say hello

Tess Kincaid said...

I love the word paired with diminuative!

Dina said...

An oxymoron here?
The kitty is precious, as is your daily poetry on all your blogs.