Thursday, 16 October 2008



1 : a flow of rising and falling sounds in language that is produced in verse by a regular repeating of stressed and unstressed syllables
2 : a flow of sound in music having regular accented beats
3 : a particular or typical pattern of rhythm
4 : a movement or action in which some action repeats regularly

Was the name of the tango
Our souls were dancing in the night.
Lashes to lashes, heart to heart,
Another bewitching temptation.
It is but a game,
A mortal one too:
Dear Soul, you poison me so,
And my heart aches to the rhythm
Of that tango.


Leatherdykeuk said...

The poem has a beautiful rhythm too.

willow said...

This is heart achingly beautiful.

Jennifer said...

I love the image you chose for this.

And this part:

"It is but a game,
A mortal one too:
Dear Soul, you poison me so,"

The playfulness is a nice touch.

robin bird said...

what a great blog idea.. so many words to learn and you have great photos collages too and then you write something creative. bravo! my husband just said "oh i would love that blog!"
your tango words are beautifully crafted.