Thursday, 9 October 2008



1 : take, steal
2 : seize, catch

In the gloom,
Someone glommed
All the daisies.
Could it be Winter?


Jess said...

Daisy Gloming sounds like a new activity for drunken students. Like Cow Tipping. :D

Leatherdykeuk said...

I love the word 'Glom'.

I have it on my desktop.

spacedlaw said...

It was a new word for me!

Jodith said...

Hmmm...shoulded that be glommed?

spacedlaw said...

Possibly, now that you mention it.
Unless it is an irregular verb (unlikely)

Dragonsally said...

I fell in love with this word instantly when i read your post, then couldn't believe it when, finishing reading The People Of the Book by Geraldine Brooks(highly recommend BTW) last night one of the characters was said to have glommed something. *dances with joy*