Thursday, 12 July 2018



1. the faculty of rational argument, deduction, judgment, etc.
2. sound mind; sanity
3. a cause or motive, as for a belief, action, etc.
4. an argument in favour of or a justification for something
5. (philosophy) . the intellect regarded as a source of knowledge, as contrasted with experience
6. (logic) . grounds for a belief; a premise of an argument supporting that belief
7. (when trans., takes a clause as object) to think logically or draw (logical conclusions) from facts or premises
8. (intr.; usually followed by “with”) to urge or seek to persuade by reasoning
9. (trans.; often followed by “out”) to work out or resolve (a problem) by reasoning

a black and white
cord of stone
broke like a great
structure of silence
without reason or call
pressed into streams

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