Saturday, 12 May 2018



1. the region of the vertebrate body that is posterior to or above the anus and contains an elongation of the vertebral column, in particular forming a flexible movable appendage
2. anything resembling such an appendage in form or position; the bottom, lowest, or rear part
3. the last part or parts
4. the rear part of an aircraft including the fin, tail-plane, and control surfaces; empennage
5. (astronomy) . the luminous stream of gas and dust particles, up to 200 million kilometres long, driven from the head of a comet, when close to the sun, under the effect of the solar wind and light pressure
6. the rear portion of a bomb, rocket, missile, etc., usually fitted with guiding or stabilizing vanes
7. a line of people or things
8. a long braid or tress of hair
9. (angling) . the lowest fly on a wet-fly cast. Also called: tailfly
10. a final short line in a stanza
11. (informal) a person employed to follow and spy upon another or others
12. an informal word for buttocks
13. (vulgar, slang)
a. the female genitals
b. (offensive) a woman considered sexually
14. (printing)
a. the margin at the foot of a page
b. the bottom edge of a book
15. the lower end of a pool or part of a stream
16. (informal) the course or track of a fleeing person or animal
17. to form or cause to form the tail
18. to remove the tail of (an animal); dock
19. (trans.) to remove the stalk of
20. (trans.) to connect (objects, ideas, etc.) together by or as if by the tail
21. (trans.) (informal) to follow stealthily
22. (trans.) (Australian) to tend (cattle) on foot
23. (intr.) (of a vessel) to assume a specified position, as when at a mooring
24. to build the end of (a brick, joist, etc.) into a wall or (of a brick, etc.) to have one end built into a wall

1. (property law) . the limitation of an estate or interest to a person and the heirs of his or her body
2. (immediately postpositive) (of an estate or interest) limited in this way

She demurs
Unwilling to commit herself
She has been hurt before
So folds her tail
Ever so gently
Around her paws.
The way we cross arms

To signal reluctance

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