Saturday, 19 May 2018



1. small refuse or waste materials carelessly dropped in public places
2. a disordered or untidy condition or a collection of objects in this condition
3. a group of offspring produced at one birth by a mammal such as a sow
4. a layer of partly decomposed leaves, twigs, etc., on the ground in a wood or forest
5. straw, hay, or similar material used as bedding, protection, etc., by animals or plants
6. a means of conveying people - in particular sick or wounded - consisting of a light bed or seat held between parallel sticks
7. to make (a place) untidy by strewing (refuse)
8. to scatter (objects, etc.) about or (of objects) to lie around or upon (anything) in an untidy fashion
9. (of pigs, cats, etc.) to give birth to (offspring)
10. (trans.) to provide (an animal or plant) with straw or hay for bedding, protection, etc.

Nostalgia to the days
When the feral pet colony
Was blessed with litters

Of joyous dynamic fluff

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