Friday, 13 April 2018



1. a sharp cutting blow from a whip or other flexible object
2. the flexible end or ends of a whip
3. a cutting or hurtful blow to the feelings, as one caused by ridicule or scolding
4. a forceful beating or impact, as of wind, rain, or waves against something
5. eyelash
6. to hit (a person or thing) sharply with a whip, rope, etc., in particular if as a punishment
7. (of rain, waves, etc.) to beat forcefully against
8. to attack with words, ridicule, etc.
9. to flick or wave sharply to and fro
10. to urge or drive with or as if with a whip

(trans.) to bind or secure with rope, string, etc.

Lashed unto a fence

Spring rampant and glorious

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