Saturday, 8 July 2017



1. a single step in walking
2. the distance covered by a step
3. a measure of length equal to the average length of a stride, approximately 3 feet
4. speed of movement, in particular of walking or running
5. rate or style of proceeding at some activity
6. manner or action of stepping, walking, etc. ; gait
7. any of the manners in which a horse or other quadruped walks or runs, the three principal paces being the walk, trot, and canter (or gallop)
8. a manner of moving, natural to the camel and sometimes developed in the horse, in which the two legs on the same side of the body are moved and put down at the same time
9. (architecture) . a step or small raised platform
10. (trans.) to set or determine the pace for, as in a race
11. ( often followed by “about”,” up and down”, etc.) . to walk with regular slow or fast paces, as in boredom, agitation, etc.
12. (trans. ; often followed by “out”) . to measure by paces
13. (intr.) to walk with slow regular strides
14. (intr.) (of a horse) to move at the pace (the specially developed gait)

[Latin (ˈpɑːkɛ, ˈpɑːtʃɛ, English ˈpeɪsɪ]
with due deference to: used to acknowledge politely someone who disagrees with the speaker or writer

And eager she paces
Misses her selfie
By a moment
Then rushes off

In search for love

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