Wednesday, 29 March 2017



1. the land surface
2. earth or soil
3. (plural) . the land around a dwelling house or other building
4. (sometimes plural) . an area of land given over to a purpose
5. land having a particular characteristic
6. matter for consideration or debate; field of research or inquiry
7. a position or viewpoint, as in an argument or controversy
8. position or advantage, as in a subject or competition
9. (often plural) . reason; justification
10. arts
a. the prepared surface applied to the support of a painting, such as a wall, canvas, etc., to prevent it reacting with or absorbing the paint
b. the support of a painting
c. the background of a painting or main surface against which the other parts of a work of art appear superimposed
11. the first coat of paint applied to a surface
12. the bottom of a river or the sea
13. (plural) . sediment or dregs, especially from coffee
14. (mainly British) . the floor of a room
15. cricket
a. the area from the popping crease back past the stumps, in which a batsman may legally stand
b. ground staff
16. ground bass . a short melodic bass line that is repeated over and over again
17. a mesh or network supporting the main pattern of a piece of lace
18. (electrical) (US and Canadian)
a. a connection between an electrical circuit or device and the earth, which is at zero potential
b. also called : earth . a terminal to which this connection is made
19. (trans.) to put or place on the ground
20. (trans.) to instruct in fundamentals
36. (trans.) to provide a basis or foundation for; establish
37. (trans.) to confine (an aircraft, pilot, etc.) to the ground
38. (trans.) (informal) . to confine (a child) to the house as a punishment
39. the usual US word for earth (to connect (a circuit, device, etc.) to earth)
40. (trans.) (nautical) . to run (a vessel) aground
41. (trans.) to cover (a surface) with a preparatory coat of paint
42. (intr.) to hit or reach the ground

1.  the past tense and past participle of grind
2. having the surface finished, thickness reduced, or an edge sharpened by grinding
3. reduced to fine particles by grinding

I stand at his ground without a hand
Staring at the post-horse shape of our sea,
The suicide's little hood of leaves
That moved the stars, the cold shades of gold

While the sun lays beneath the waters.

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