Sunday, 19 February 2017



1. the shape or configuration of something as distinct from its colour, texture, etc..
2. the particular mode, appearance, etc., in which a thing or person manifests itself
3. a type or kind
4. a printed document, especially one with spaces in which to insert facts or answers
5. physical or mental condition, especially good condition, with reference to ability to perform
6. the previous record of a horse, athlete, etc., especially with regard to fitness
7. (British) (slang) . a criminal record
8. style, arrangement, or design in the arts, as opposed to content
9. a fixed mode of artistic expression or representation in literary, musical, or other artistic works
10. a mould, frame, etc., that gives shape to something
11. organized structure or order, as in an artistic work
12. (education) (mainly British) . a group of children who are taught together; class
13. manner, method, or style of doing something, especially with regard to recognized standards
14. behaviour or procedure, especially as governed by custom or etiquette
15. formality or ceremony
16. a prescribed set or order of words, terms, etc., as in a religious ceremony or legal document
17. (philosophy)
a. the structure of anything as opposed to its constitution or content
b. essence as opposed to matter
c. (often capital) (in the philosophy of Plato) the ideal universal that exists independently of the particulars which fall under it
d. (in the philosophy of Aristotle) the constitution of matter to form a substance; by virtue of this its nature can be understood
18. logical form
19. (British) a bench, especially one that is long, low, and backless
20.  the nest or hollow in which a hare lives
21.  a group of organisms within a species that differ from similar groups by trivial differences, as of colour
22. (linguistics)
a. the phonological or orthographic shape or appearance of a linguistic element, such as a word
b. a linguistic element considered from the point of view of its shape or sound rather than, for example, its meaning
23. (crystallography) . crystal form
24. (taxonomy) . a group distinguished from other groups by a single characteristic: ranked below a variety
25. to give shape or form to or to take shape or form, especially a specified or particular shape
26. to come or bring into existence
27. to make, produce, or construct or be made, produced, or constructed
28. to construct or develop in the mind
29. (trans.) to train, develop, or mould by instruction, discipline, or example
30. (trans.) to acquire, contract, or develop
31. (trans.) to be an element of, serve as, or constitute
32. (trans.) to draw up; organize

Bullying batter
Into weird forms
Imperfect zombies
Fragrant with spices

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