Sunday, 25 December 2016



1. a smell or flavour that is distinctive though faint
2. a distinctive trace or touch 
3. a small quantity, especially a mouthful or taste
-verb (intr.; followed by “of”)
4. to have the characteristic smell or flavour (of something)
5. to have an element suggestive (of something)

1. (trans.) to strike or slap smartly, with or as if with the open hand
2. to strike or send forcibly or loudly or to be struck or sent forcibly or loudly
3. to open and close (the lips) loudly, especially to show pleasure
4. (trans.) to kiss noisily
5. a sharp resounding slap or blow with something flat, or the sound of such a blow
6. a loud kiss
7. a sharp sound made by the lips, as in enjoyment
-adv. (informal)
8. directly; squarely
9. with a smack: sharply and unexpectedly

Some cakes smack of the holidays
Once a year treat

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