Tuesday, 16 August 2016



1. a profane or obscene expression of anger, disgust, surprise, etc.; oath
2. an appeal to a supernatural power for harm to come to a specific person, group, etc.
3. harm resulting from an appeal to a supernatural
4. something that brings or causes great trouble or harm
5. a saying, charm, effigy, etc., used to invoke a curse
6. an ecclesiastical censure of excommunication
7. (intr.) to utter obscenities or oaths
8. (trans.) to abuse (someone) with obscenities or oaths
9. (trans.) to invoke supernatural powers to bring harm to (someone or something)
10. (trans.) to bring harm upon
11. (trans.) another word for excommunicate

She spoke the words
And her curse ran over water
Dissolving the hills ahead
Sinking Atlantis once again

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