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1. any multicellular typically marine animal of the phylum Porifera, usually occurring in complex sessile colonies in which the porous body is supported by a fibrous, calcareous, or siliceous skeletal framework
2. a piece of the light porous highly absorbent elastic skeleton of certain sponges, used in bathing, cleaning, etc.
3. any of a number of light porous elastic materials resembling a sponge
4. another word for sponger, i.e. a person who lives off other people by continually taking advantage of their generosity; parasite or scrounger
5. informal a person who indulges in heavy drinking
6. leavened dough, especially before kneading
7. short for sponge cake
8. Also called: sponge pudding . (British) a light steamed or baked pudding, spongy in texture, made with various flavourings or fruit
9. porous metal produced by electrolysis or by reducing a metal compound without fusion or sintering and capable of absorbing large quantities of gas
10. a rub with a sponge
11. (trans.; often followed by “off” or “down”) to clean (something) by wiping or rubbing with a damp or wet sponge
12. (trans.; usually followed by “off”, “away”, “out”, etc.) to remove (marks, etc.) by rubbing with a damp or wet sponge or cloth
13. (when trans., often followed by “up”) to absorb (liquids, especially when spilt) in the manner of a sponge
14. (trans.; often followed by “off”) to get (something) from (someone) by presuming on his generosity
15. (intr.; often followed by “off” or “on”) to obtain one's subsistence, welfare, etc., unjustifiably (from)
16. (intr.) to go collecting sponges

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