Tuesday, 12 July 2016



1. the act or an instance of grasping and holding firmly
2. Also called: handgrip . the strength or pressure of such a grasp, as in a handshake
3. the style or manner of grasping an object, such as a tennis racket
4. understanding, control, or mastery of a subject, problem, etc.
5. Also called: handgrip . a part by which an object is grasped; handle
6. Also called: handgrip . a travelling bag or holdall
7. any device that holds by friction, such as certain types of brake
8. a method of clasping or shaking hands used by members of secret societies to greet or identify one another
9. a spasm of pain
10. a worker in a camera crew or a stagehand who shifts sets and props, etc.
11. a small drainage channel cut above an excavation to conduct surface water away from the excavation
12. to take hold of firmly or tightly, as by a clutch
13. to hold the interest or attention of

1.(medicine) a variant spelling of grippe (influenza)

A couple of sugar cubes
As grips for love

Popularity with horses

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