Sunday, 6 December 2015



1. (trans.) to remove floating material from the surface of (a liquid), as with a spoon
2. to glide smoothly or lightly over (a surface)
3. (trans.) to throw (something) in a path over a surface, so as to bounce or ricochet over water
4. (when intr., usually followed by “through”) . to read (a book) in a superficial or cursory manner
5. to cover (a liquid) with a thin layer or (of liquid) to become coated in this way, as with ice, scum, etc.
6. the act or process of skimming
7. material skimmed off a liquid, especially off milk
8. the liquid left after skimming
9. any thin layer covering a surface

First skim some broth
Then add squash and
A piece of preserved lemon

Serve with cream

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