Sunday, 8 November 2015



1. a narrow beam of light; gleam
2. a slight indication, especially of something anticipated or hoped for
3. (mathematics) a straight line extending from a point
4. a thin beam of electromagnetic radiation or particles
5. any of the bony or cartilaginous spines of the fin of a fish that form the support for the soft part of the fin
6. any of the arms or branches of a starfish or other radiate animal
7. (astronomy) any of a number of bright streaks that radiate from the youngest lunar craters, such as Tycho; they are composed of crater ejecta not yet darkened, and extend considerable distances
8. (botany) any strand of tissue that runs radially through the vascular tissue of some higher plants.
9. (of an object) to emit (light) in rays or (of light) to issue in the form of rays
10. (intr.) (of lines, etc.) to extend in rays or on radiating paths
11. (trans.) to adorn (an ornament, etc.) with rays or radiating lines

1. any of various marine selachian fishes typically having a flattened body, greatly enlarged wing-like pectoral fins, gills on the under surface of the fins, and a long whip-like tail. They constitute the orders Torpediniformes (electric rays) and Rajiformes

A most comforting dish
Of ray on buttery champs

Brings a ray of light to Dublin

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