Thursday, 5 November 2015


[ˈpætənt]  or  [ˈpeɪtənt]

1. a government grant to an inventor assuring him the sole right to make, use, and sell his invention for a limited period
2. a document conveying such a grant
3. an invention, privilege, etc., protected by a patent
4. an official document granting a right
5. any right granted by such a document
6 (in the US)
a.  a grant by the government of title to public lands
b.   the instrument by which such title is granted
c.   the land so granted
7. a sign that one possesses a certain quality
8. open or available for inspection
9. [ˈpeɪtənt] obvious 
10. concerning protection, appointment, etc., of or by a patent or patents
11. proprietary
12. (especially of a bodily passage or duct) being open or unobstructed
13. (biology) spreading out widely
14. (of plate glass) ground and polished on both sides
-verb (trans.)
15. to obtain a patent for
16. (in the US) to grant (public land or mineral rights) by a patent
17. (metallurgy) . to heat (a metal) above a transformation temperature and cool it at a rate that allows cold working

Shooting against the light

In a patent effort to be novel

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