Monday, 18 August 2014



1. any of various widely distributed tall grasses of the genus Phragmites, especially P. communis, that grow in swamps and shallow water and have jointed hollow stalks
2. the stalk, or stalks collectively, of any of these plants, especially as used for thatching
3. (music)
a. a thin piece of cane or metal inserted into the tubes of certain wind instruments, which sets in vibration the air column inside the tube
b. a wind instrument or organ pipe that sounds by means of a reed
4. one of the several vertical parallel wires on a loom that may be moved upwards to separate the warp threads
5. a small semi-circular architectural moulding
6. an ancient Hebrew unit of length equal to six cubits
7. an archaic word for arrow
-verb (trans.)
8. to fashion into or supply with reeds or reeding
9. to thatch using reeds

In the sunlight
Reeds appear
Made of shadows
And ghosts

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