Saturday, 16 August 2014



1. a small solid mass without definite shape
2. (pathology) any small swelling or tumour
3. a collection of things; aggregate
4. (informal) an awkward, heavy, or stupid person
5. (plural) (US, informal) punishment, defeat, or reverses
6. (modifier) in the form of a lump or lumps
7. (trans.) often followed by “together” . to collect into a mass or group
8. (intr.) to grow into lumps or become lumpy
9. (trans.) to consider as a single group, often without justification
10. (trans.) to make or cause lumps in or on
11. (intr.) often followed by “along” . to move or proceed in a heavy manner

1. (trans.) (informal) to tolerate or put up with; endure

This fuzzy lump
Doesn’t like my attention
But is known to grumble
“lump it” rather than flee

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